The Arm Toning Recumbent Bicycle – A foldaway bicycle that incorporates a cable machine for toning the arms

The Arm Toning Recumbent Bicycle [SOURCE] is a perfect arm toning machine that integrates cable effectively in order to help you tone your arms yet without worrying about extra space for storing after your cardio workout.

This foldaway recumbent bicycle is a joint-friendly workout device with integrated pulleys for each hand designed to help users strengthen and at the same time tone triceps, biceps and even your shoulders.

The Arm Toning Recumbent Bicycle

The Arm Toning Recumbent Bicycle

This bike and arm workout can be used separately or simultaneously at different resistance levels, it even allows the owner to workout different muscles because the included bars for the cable machine can be easily shifted to easily target different muscle workouts.

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The Arm Toning Recumbent Bicycle 1

The Arm Toning Recumbent Bicycle is also equipped with digital monitor to help the user keep track of its pedaling progress and best of all, this versatile home gym can be easily fold so it can only take very small space for storing purposes. Weigh 42lbs. And can support users of up to 250lbs.

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