The TMJ Pain Reliever – A head wrap design reduce pain and swelling in the jaw caused by temporomandibular joint dysfunction

The TMJ Pain Reliever [SOURCE] is a uniquely designed head wrap capable of providing prolong treatment of your cryotherapy problem perfect if you want to lessen the pain and swelling of your jaw caused mainly by TMJ or the temporomandibular joint dysfunction problem.

This TMJ head wrap is very easy to use and effective, simply chill it for up to 90 minutes on your favorite freezer to allow the gel to become ice cold yet pliable, mess free and dry and start using.

The TMJ Pain Reliever

The TMJ Pain Reliever

This wrap uses hook and loop fastener so you can easily wrap it around the head securely and easily enough to target your problematic jaw simply by securing the wrap around the effected area.

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The TMJ Pain Reliever 1

The TMJ Pain Reliever is designed to comfortably mold around the wearer’s unique facial contour and is capable of providing cold treatment to both sides of the wearer’s jaw of course without worrying about cords.

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