The Invigorating Heel To Toe Masseuse – A foot massager designed to help relax, heal and boost circulation

You need to refresh your tired feet? How about some invigorating massage using a combination of heat, shiatsu and compression to get rid of the foot tension you are having after work? Use the Invigorating Heel To Toe Masseuse [SOURCE], a professional foot massage device designed to provide a quick yet vigorous 15min. massage session from heel to toe just to relax, heal and boost circulation.

With Invigorating Heel To Toe Masseuse, owners simply slip their feet at each pocket and allow the foot massager’s rotating nodes work deep and penetrating shiatsu massage while its additional nodes targets the tension at the side of the user’s heel.

The Invigorating Heel To Toe Masseuse

The Invigorating Heel To Toe Masseuse

This foot massager is also capable of providing compression massage perfect for kneading out tension, thanks to the device’s unique foot wells that inflates and deflates nicely partnered with different massage pressure.

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The Invigorating Heel To Toe Masseuse 2

The Invigorating Heel To Toe Masseuse has an optional infrared heat settings designed to warm the soles, boost relaxation and healing, simply select the intensity level and massage modes you want and you’re good to go.

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