The Insomniac’s Sleep Trainer – uses light to employ cardiac coherence training, a breathing technique designed to lower your heart rate for a better night’s sleep

The Insomniac’s Sleep Trainer (currently taking orders here) is your perfect answer if you are looking for a device that will help you aid your sleep problem.

Thanks to this uniquely designed sleep trainer, training you how to breathe correctly in order to lower heart rate is now easier than ever, perfect for getting that good night sleep you’ve been longing for every time.

Insomniac's Sleep Trainer

The Insomniac’s Sleep Trainer

This sleep aid is unique because it uses light to make use of a perfect breathing technique partnered with unique hypnotic blue light projected onto the ceiling to help the owner slowly synchronize one’s breathing, a perfect combination for relaxing and lessening stress simply by following the light once it prompts you to take deep, slow and regular breathing.

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Insomniac's Sleep Trainer1

The Insomniac’s Sleep Trainer is designed to help the owner relax their tired muscles and also to help lessen the body’s production of cortisol and best of all, it is perfect for combatting irregular sleep and even jet lag of course without taking any medication so you don’t have to worry about side effects.

You can buy this sleep aid for only $69.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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