The Infrared Therapy Pillow – A pillow that harnesses infrared energy to help reduce muscle stiffness in the neck

The Infrared Therapy Pillow [SOURCE] is not just perfect in helping lessen muscle stiffness in the user’s neck but at the same time unique because this pillow harnesses infrared energy to get rid of muscle stiffness in the neck.

The pillow’s side pads are made with thermo-reactive material capable of converting body heat into a more useful therapeutic infrared light so skin can reabsorbed it back without any problem.

The Infrared Therapy Pillow

The Infrared Therapy Pillow

This therapy pillow even features an invisible infrared energy designed to penetrate straight deep into the owner’s muscles perfect in promoting good circulation and of course to help counteract chronic aches and inflammation so you’ll have a good night rest every time.

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The Infrared Therapy Pillow 1

The Infrared Therapy Pillow is also perfect in making sure that user’s will have comfortable and correct posture specially for those stomach, back and side sleepers simply by getting rid of pressure points using its slightly raised edges partnered with plush and comfortable cushion and best of all, the pillow is filled with hypoallergenic polyester fill with white cotton cover. Weighs 2.5lbs.

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