The Inconspicuous Hearing Amplifier – amplifies and clarifies voices while concealing one’s need for audio assistance

The Inconspicuous Hearing Amplifier is a uniquely designed digital earpiece capable of amplifying and clarifying voices perfect for anyone who needs audio assistance without worrying about bulkiness and of course without telling anyone that you are wearing one.

Thanks to the hearing amplifier’s 6 different ear domes capable of accommodating different ear sizes, hearing more clearly on what’s in front while filtering the sound on what’s behind like background noise is now possible with the help of computer processor built into the hearing aid.

Inconspicuous Hearing Amplifier

The Inconspicuous Hearing Amplifier

This hearing amplifier is perfect to use when you are inside a restaurant, inside an auditorium or even while you are outdoors, thanks to its included different environment settings partnered with specialized noise reduction feature, minimizing sounds from traffic, fans, air conditioners and the rest of those non-voice sounds will not be a problem.

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Inconspicuous Hearing Amplifier1

This Hearing Amplifier is also unique because it can perfectly get sounds up to 700hz, 200~5 range frequency and is capable of providing up to a maximum gain of 29dB and best of all, it already includes a free application for your favorite iOS and Android devices where owners can easily control and monitor the volume and battery life.

You can buy the digital hearing amplifier for only $249.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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