The Customized Fit Coccyx Gel Cushion – provides support while relieving pressure anytime anywhere

You need support that can provide relief for your aching hips and buttocks? Use the Customized Fit Coccyx Gel Cushion, a uniquely designed gel cushion capable of providing perfect support while at the same time help you relieve pressure on those problematic parts

Thanks to the gel cushion’s top layer that can be easily adjust so owners can specifically target aching hips and buttocks while at the same time providing a sitting comfort every time.


The Customized Fit Coccyx Gel Cushion

This ergonomically designed cooling gel cushion already comes with a detachable gel pads designed to fit perfectly on hips and buttocks for that customized fit and support every time you work at the office, at home or anywhere you want.

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Customized Fit Coccyx Gel Cushion1

The Customized Fit Coccyx Gel Cushion’s gel on the other hand will keep the user always feel cool without worrying about its stability because it also comes with a bottom layer made with polyurethane foam for extra security and best of all, it can be used almost anywhere like on your office, cars at home and most specially for people with post surgery problem including sciatica, pain and tailbone conditions.

You can buy the cooling gel coccyx cushion for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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