The Only Swiveling Gel Cushion – A gel-padded cushion that swivels for easier maneuvering out of chairs and car seats

The Only Swiveling Gel Cushion [SOURCE] is a uniquely designed gel padded cushion capable of providing owners some easy maneuvering out of their car’s seat, thanks to the cushion’s smooth rolling steel bearing, now you can easily spin and rise from a seated position effortlessly anytime.

The Only Swiveling Gel Cushion

Swiveling Gel Cushion

This gel padded cushion works like a bar stool so users can swivel their lower body when rising and because this swiveling cushion is packed with 2 inches of visco elastic gel support, relieving pressure points and enhancing comfort specially during long periods of sitting position is now possible every time.

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The Only Swiveling Gel Cushion 1

The Only Swiveling Gel Cushion uses breathable polyester fabric cover designed to keep you cool all the time while its sturdy plastic base with non-slip and textured surface feature will anchor the owner in place every time.

This gel padded cushion supports users of up to 300lbs and comes with 2 ¼ inches in height x 15.5 in diameter.

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