The Home Gel Manicure Spa – produces a high-gloss, professional-quality gel manicure even without base coat or topcoat

The Home Gel Manicure Spa (SOURCE) is perfect for anyone who wants to have their very own nail polish kit capable of producing professional quality manicure so you don’t worry about going to your favorite salon especially during this time of pandemic just to treat your nails with some gel manicure.

Thanks to the nail polish kit’s high-gloss and professional quality and salon like results, anyone can manicure their nails easily and professionally at home any time.

Gel Manicure Spa

The Home Gel Manicure Spa

This gel manicure spa already comes with a wide LED dryer where owners can dry all their 5 nails inside all at the same time, it even comes with a timer to make sure only the perfect drying time can be observed of course without worrying about overheating.

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Gel Manicure Spa1

This nail polish kit is also unique because it has a long lasting finish and is dry to the touch in just a matter of seconds and best of all, the results are sealed to chipping and even to scratches. Already includes 6 gel polishes and can be plugged directly to AC.

You can buy the nail polish kit for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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