The Pathogen Control Sanitizing Faucet – turns ordinary tap water into naturally sanitizing ozonated water

The Pathogen Control Sanitizing Faucet (SOURCE) is perfect if you are looking for a faucet adapter capable of turning tap water into sanitizing water designed to easily disinfect not just your kitchen utensils but also your favorite fruits, vegies, seafoods and even poultry without harmful chemicals.

This home faucet adapter system is unique because it uses the same treatment used by industrial food processing capable of producing water with ozone concentration, thanks to its patented technology, killing mold, algae, yeast and even bacteria in just a matter of seconds is now possible at home.

Pathogen Control Sanitizing Faucet

The Pathogen Control Sanitizing Faucet

Thanks to the unit’s ozonated water, now you can eliminate those nasty bacteria without using wipes or soap, how? Simply connect the faucet adapter and you are ready to eliminate and even prevent germs and odors anytime.

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Pathogen Control Sanitizing Faucet1

The Pathogen Control Sanitizing Faucet replaces your faucet’s aerator and is capable of producing up to 72gal of disinfectants, you can even turn it off anytime if you want plain tap water only and best of all, it can be easily setup on walls using its included accessories. It is not recommended if you want to use it for your drinking water. Weighs only 2lbs.

You can buy the sanitizing faucet adapter system for only $799.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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