The Cordless Heated Compression Wrist Wrap – helps increase blood flow and relieve common joint and arthritic pain effectively

The Cordless Heated Compression Wrist Wrap (SOURCE) is unique because besides using graduated compression for helping increase blood flow, it also uses heat therapy, a perfect combination in relieving joint and even arthritic pain problems.

The wrist wrap is very easy to use, simply secure it to the problematic part using its included hook and loop fasteners, adjust the compression and heating level and you’re good to go.

Heated Compression Wrist Wrap

This heated compression wrap is equipped with 3 integrated temperature settings for the heat just perfect for allowing the user to choose what heating temperature works for them and because the wrap can be adjusted easily, applying also the best compression will not be a problem.

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Heated Compression Wrist Wrap1

The Cordless Heated Compression Wrist Wrap has a rechargeable battery capable of providing up to 8hrs of heat especially when it is fully charged using its included adapter and best of all, it comes in different sizes to accommodate most wrist sizes.

You can buy the wrist wrap with heat and compression function for only $79.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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