The Hip and Lower Back Massage Seat – Sways lower body comfortably to help increase circulation in the hips and lower back

The Hip and Lower Back Massage Seat [SOURCE] is not just one of those ordinary massage cushions out there because this massage seat is capable of gently swaying your lower body so it can increase the circulation in the owner’s hips and lower back.

The Hip and Lower Back Massage Seat

The Hip and Lower Back Massage Seat

This massage cushion is uniquely designed to help owners gently shifts their hips and lumbar to help boost circulation and of course provide relief from stress, thanks to the massage seat’s perfect cushioning system partnered with sturdy and comfortable padded foam construction, providing comfort after working hard is now possible at home.

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This massage seat even features a slip resistant surface so owners don’t have to worry about how to keep the cushion in place every time they sit, work or even do some relaxation massage at home or anywhere.

The Hip and Lower Back Massage Seat already includes an auto off function designed to provide extra peace of mind every time you relax and best of all, its integrated controls will allow the owner to choose from its different massage setting speed easily, simply plug the device to your AC outlet and you’re good to go.

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