The Genuine Aran Hooded Cardigan – equipped with wool’s soft, natural fibers designed to retain warmth while wicking away moisture

The Genuine Aran Hooded Cardigan (available here) is made uniquely in Ireland to give you that perfect warmth you’ve been looking for in a hooded sweater.

Thanks to the sweater’s soft wool partnered with natural fibers, retaining warmth while at the same time getting rid of any moisture is now possible every time.

Genuine Aran Hooded Cardigan

The Genuine Aran Hooded Cardigan

This cable knit sweater even comes with a stylish hood designed to provide a perfect defense against strong winds, while its included classic yet stylish stitching between cables are just some of the important factors why you are going to love wearing the hooded cardigan any time anywhere.

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Genuine Aran Hooded Cardigan1

This genuine cable knit sweater already comes with a sturdy zipper and front pockets and best of all, it uses a knot zipper pull lends to make it even more authentic, simply select the best size and color and you’re good to go.

You can buy this 100% merino wool cable knit sweater for only $79.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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