The Only Illuminating Manicure Pedicure Set – lights up for an easier view of detailed work during manicures and pedicures at home

The Only Illuminating Manicure Pedicure Set (available here) is perfect when it comes to grooming your nails at home simply because besides providing a perfect view of what you are doing, it also provides a professional tool for trimming, filing and even buffing nails every time.

This manicure and pedicure set is unique because it uses a motorized wand equipped with LEDs designed to provide a bright light while you work on trimming, buffing and even filing your nails, a perfect function so you don’t accidentally chip or nick your nails.

Illuminating Manicure Pedicure Set

The Only Illuminating Manicure Pedicure Set

The included tip of the wand on the other hand already comes with different tip attachments so you can get that salon quality results every time including shaping the nails perfectly and even sloughing away dry skin while its included diamond cutters will allow that owners to tackle even the most difficult and hardened areas of the feet and fingernails.

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Illuminating Manicure Pedicure Set1

The Only Illuminating Manicure Pedicure Set also includes a cuticle remover and a polishing brush for getting rid of any dust and dirt and best of all, for preventing nail breakage every time you use the nail-grooming set. Weighs only 2lbs and only measures 61/4×11/4 inches in length and diameter respectively.

You can buy this nail-grooming set for only $149.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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