The Lady’s Heated Down Jacket – equipped with three battery elements designed to quickly and evenly spread warmth across the chest, back and pockets

The Lady’s Heated Down Jacket (available here) is perfect especially if you want to feel comfortable even when temperature plummets.

Thanks to this uniquely designed down jacket equipped with rechargeable heating elements so you can enjoy that perfect warmth right at your back, chest and pockets for that comfortable walking on a chilly afternoon.

Heated Down Jacket

The Lady’s Heated Down Jacket

This heated jacket besides its integrated infrared heating function and unique reflective technology, it also offers 3 battery elements designed to provide quick and evenly warmth all throughout, it even comes with different settings like low to high settings that can be adjusted easily simply by pressing a button.

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Heated Down Jacket1

The Lady’s Heated Down Jacket has a power supply capable of providing up to 10 hours of power including charging your favorite phone or other gadgets and best of all, it has an advanced insulated layer for that water resistant and other element protection you’ve been looking for in a down jacket.

You can buy this down jacket with heating elements for only $129.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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