The Full Foot Massager – provides relaxing kneading massage effectively

The Full Foot Massager

You want to relax your tired feet? Try this Full Foot Massager, an advanced foot massaging device capable of providing a relaxing and kneading massage to your whole foot.

Unlike ordinary foot massagers out there that only soothes the bottom of your feet, this fingertip simulating foot massager can provide a soothing pressure nicely and effectively starting from the top of your feet, to the side and down to the sole.

This foot massager is perfect for reducing painful swelling, improving circulation and relieving stiff joints, thanks to its 4 15-minute massage routine and different intensity level, you can even customize massage speed and massage direction through the massager’s panel.

This full foot massager needs only 1 foot square of floor space and can easily be setup and store after use. Want to try?

-$199.95 at hammacher

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