Massage Sandal – Old Friend Trekker Unisex Massage Sandals

Massage Sandal

Massage Sandal? Check Old Friend’s Unisex Trekker Massage Sandals, a uniquely designed foot stress reliever and at the same time foot relaxation sandal packed with lots of features so you’ll be energized in no time just by wearing the sandal every time you move. Why?

With Trekker Massage Sandals, your feet will be relieved from pain caused by plantar fasciitis, heel spurs or even calluses. And besides its effectiveness in giving an effective foot massage and in applying pressure to the nerve endings, you’ll have a comfortable walking experience every time.

This Massage Sandal features hundreds of flexible rubber nodules that act as a perfect massaging beads to your foot, while its waterproof design and an easy to wear function, hooking the sandals and enjoying the massage is now easy and comfortable.

-$54.95 at amazon

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