The Foot and Ankle Cold Compression Wrap – eases pain and inflammation caused by arthritis, tendinitis, and plantar fasciitis

Not satisfied with your ice pack for getting rid of your plantar fasciitis, arthritis and even tendinitis problem? Try the Foot and Ankle Cold Compression Wrap —[VIDEO]—, a uniquely designed wrap capable of providing a calming cold compression benefit of course without worrying about ice burns.

Thanks to the wrap’s effective conduction technology, alleviating pain and inflammation due to your arthritis problem is now possible, it even help the owner to hasten the recovery from injury and surgery problem.

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The Foot and Ankle Cold Compression Wrap

Foot and Ankle Cold Compression Wrap

This wrap is capable of providing up to 50min of gentle yet effective cold compression therapy and because it already comes with a safe gel, simply chilled into your freezer, slip it inside the wrap’s insulated pouch and you’re good to go.

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The Foot and Ankle Cold Compression Wrap 1

This Compression Wrap is very safe and effective in easing pain from your foot and ankle problem and best of all, it uses a hook and loop fasteners so owners can easily secure and at the same time adjust the level of compression needed for your aching foot and ankle problem.

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