The Posture Improving Saddle Seat – reduces back fatigue and discomfort while seated

Back fatigue because of spending a lot of time sitting? Use the Posture Improving Saddle Seat —[SOURCE]—, a uniquely designed saddle seat designed to help lessen any discomfort while seated.

Thanks to the saddle seat’s gentle forward slope, shifting the pelvis and raising the buttocks above knees can now be done easily to discourage slouching while seating keeping the owner get rid of any back discomfort.

The Posture Improving Saddle Seat

The Posture Improving Saddle Seat

The seat’s sides are also sloped to keep the user’s knees apart and keeping their pelvis in upright position a perfect combination to lessen the stress on the shoulder, back and also the neck that ordinary chairs can’t provide.

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The Posture Improving Saddle Seat 1

This Saddle Chair can swivel 360 degrees while its 5 casters are just perfect for providing optimal stability and mobility every time and best of all, it has polyurethane foam that is soft yet durable and very supportive partnered with sturdy polished aluminum frame for additional support. Weighs only 17.5lbs.

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