The Continuous Cold Therapy Knee Wrap – Treats swelling and pain quickly

The Continuous Cold Therapy Knee Wrap [SOURCE] is designed for people who wants to get rid of their knee swelling and pain quickly.

Thanks to the cuffs uniquely designed system where it is continuously replenished with ice cold water for that long lasting pain relief therapy at home.

The Continuous Cold Therapy Knee Wrap

Continuous Cold Therapy Knee Wrap

How to use the knee wrap? Well actually it is very easy, just wrap the cuff to your aching knee using its included hook and loop strap, attach the tube straight to the ice gallon cooler and witness a pain relieving cold compress every time.

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The Continuous Cold Therapy Knee Wrap 1

Unlike ordinary ice packs that only provides short and uneven cold therapy treatment, this cold therapy knee wrap is very comfortable to use.

Plus it even allows the owner to use the wrap repeatedly for that hours of comfortable soothing and consistent compression any time.

The Continuous Cold Therapy Knee Wrap is proven to be an effective tool in minimizing pain and swelling perfect for those who wants to stop taking medication just to stop the pain.

Best of all, this knee wrap is designed to help patients get back on their feet quickly right after their knee surgery.

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