The Cooling Comfort Talalay Latex Pillow – provides support and cooling comfort for a more restful sleep

Looking for a perfect pillow that can provide a more restful sleep? Use the Cooling Comfort Talalay Latex Pillow, a uniquely designed pillow capable of providing the perfect support and comfort so you’ll have a good and restful sleep every time.

This Talalay Latex Pillow is equipped with elastic latex core designed to help mold the pillow to the sleeper’s body contour perfect for relieving any pressure points and because it is also infused with relaxing and cooling gel, worrying about overheating will not be a problem.

Cooling Comfort Talalay Latex Pillow

The Cooling Comfort Talalay Latex Pillow

The Pillow’s cover on the other hand is made with tencel and mica-cooled fabric, a perfect combination for providing a more natural, softer and smoother sleeping comfort than using an ordinary pillow filled with cotton.

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Cooling Comfort Talalay Latex Pillow

The Cooling Comfort Talalay Latext Pillow already comes with a pillowcase that’s machine dryable and washable and best of all, it is equipped with antimicrobial feature designed to get rid of those bacteria, molds, mildew and even odors. Weighs only 4lbs.

You can buy the Talalay Latex Pillow for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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