The Temperature Regulating Pillow – prevents overheating and chills when sleeping

The Temperature Regulating Pillow is unique because it is capable of preventing overheating and chills when you sleep, thanks to the pillow’s unique feature, keeping the pillow in good temperature all throughout the night is now possible.

This pillow has a cover filled with unique fibers designed to help store heat while at the same time releasing it for that superior temperature control every time.

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Temperature Regulating Pillow

Temperature Regulating Pillow

The pillow’s paraffin-based phase-changing fibers are even quilted with relaxing tencel to make it even smoother and softer, better than any other cotton out there perfect for getting that sleek smooth sleep any time.

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Temperature Regulating Pillow 1

The Pillow’s cover is also machine washable and can be treated with your favorite antimicrobial silver chloride, enough to suppress those nasty bacteria, mildew, molds and even odors and best of all, you can even select alternative profile fill like soft, medium or high for getting that perfect sleep you’ve been longing for every time.

You can buy the temperature regulating pillow for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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