The Flawless Blending Facial Brushes – provide an air-brushed look when applying powder

The Flawless Blending Facial Brushes are perfect when it comes to applying powder on your face simply because the included brushes are perfectly made using micro-bristles in order to give you an air brushed look every time you apply face powder.

Flawless Blending Facial Brushes

The Flawless Blending Facial Brushes

Thanks to the set of brushes made from soft synthetic material partnered with a uniquely shaped design capable of picking up only the best amount of loose and pressed powder every time.

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Flawless Blending Facial Brushes 1

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These Facial Brushes are also perfect because it can be used to press deeper specially into the wrinkles and fine lines to provide high quality blending and of course for that evenly application you’ve been looking for in an air brushed look powder application at home.

You can buy the two facial brushes for only $69.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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