The Antimicrobial Sheet Set – infused with silver chloride that locate and inhibit unwanted bacteria on contact

The Antimicrobial Sheet Set [SOURCE] is not just capable of locating and inhibiting unwanted bacteria but at the same time it uses an ultra soft blend of bamboo rayon famous for its natural bacteria resistance partnered with luxurious long staple cotton treated with microbial inhibiting chloride designed to get rid of unwanted bacteria on contact.

Using your body’s heat, the sheet releases millions of ions to ward off bacteria, bad odors, mildew and even molds perfect in creating cleaner and safe sleep environment and unlike ordinary sheet fabrics out there, the sheet’s antimicrobial properties never diminish no matter how often they’re washed.

The Antimicrobial Sheet Set

The Antimicrobial Sheet Set

This antimicrobial sheet doesn’t irritate sensitive skin, thanks to its 400 thread and sateen weave fabric, now you don’t have to worry about bacteria, it even resist wrinkle so you can use it for life.

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The Antimicrobial Sheet Set already includes a flat sheet with extra 4 inches on the width, a deep pocketed fitted sheet that has adjustable corners and 2 pillowcases with enveloping pockets.

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