The Therapeutic Infrared Back Wrap – A back wrap that uses one’s own body heat to help relieve pain and improve circulation

The Therapeutic Infrared Back Wrap [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to helping alleviate pain and improving circulation but at the same time uniquely constructed using the latest fabric design to use the owner’s body heat to get rid of pain and improve circulation.

This therapeutic wrap is interwoven with strands of celliant partnered with yarn that is enhanced with titanium dioxide and light absorbing minerals designed to perfectly regulate the body temperature because the body heat is converted into therapeutic infrared light to reabsorbed back into the skin.

The Therapeutic Infrared Back Wrap

The Therapeutic Infrared Back Wrap

Perfect for boosting blood oxygen levels and improve blood flow, this infrared back wrap is also perfect in counteracting the chronic aches and inflammation so you don’t have to worry about anything that can impede your daily activities.

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The Therapeutic Infrared Back Wrap is capable of supporting around the user’s lower back and stays in place because it uses hook and loop fasteners to make sure it is stable all throughout the day. This wrap is machine washable and already includes a neoprene cover.

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