The Acoustic Vibration Backrest – Helps Relax the Mind and Body

The Acoustic Vibration Backrest is capable of producing calming sound and vibration helping anyone who uses to simply relax their mind and body.

This backrest is ideal for soothing tense muscles and is also good for alleviating stress because it uses a unique transducer to produce calming sound.

The Acoustic Vibration Backrest

The Acoustic Vibration Backrest

Acoustic Vibration Backrest features a built-in speaker located in the head’s backrest that releases relaxing sounds, it even comes with a tethered controller ideal for selecting and switching from its 12 different vibro-acoustic programs or used it to adjust the intensity of the vibration and for changing sound volume.

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This Vibration Backrest uses soft foam cushion that simply follows the shape of your body perfect for relieving pressure points.

-$179.95 at hammacher

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