Prosepra iRelax Massage Cushion – Melts away stress, pain and fatigue

Prosepra iRelax Massage Cushion

You want to relax and get rid of your pain, fatigue and stress with just a simple press of a button? Try this powerful massage chair called Prosepra iRelax Massage Cushion, a more advanced and high performance vibration massage cushion powered by shiatsu kneading mechanism to give your back a nice and relaxing full back massage while driving or sitting.

Prosepra iRelax Massage Cushion is ideal if you want to turn any regular chair into a massage area plus besides enjoying upper and lower back massage, you can also change the speed control from a soothing massage into a stress and pain melting massage time.

This iRelax Massage Cushion has two massage hands, an adjustable mode and program options.

-$129.95 at amazon

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