Drug-free Pain Relief for Feet and Legs – The perfect stimulator for easing feet and leg problem

This is a Drug-free Pain Relief for Feet and Legs —[SOURCE]— designed to help the owner ease their feet and leg problem simply by applying TENS and EMS, thanks to the stimulator’s advanced feature, improving and strengthening your feet and legs is now possible at home.

The feet and legs stimulator is very effective, thanks to its TENS therapy feature that effectively relieves pan simply by stimulating the nerve and blocking pain signals to the user’s brain while its included EMS function effectively contracts the user’s muscles in order to help hasten the strengthening and rehab.

Drug-free Pain Relief for Feet and Legs

Drug-free Pain Relief for Feet and Legs

This stimulator also comes with Far Infrared LEDs capable of generating and penetrating heat enough to stimulate a perfect blood circulation and helping the user loosen tight muscles and also to help ease swelling.

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Drug-free Pain Relief for Foot and Legs has 8 EMS modes, 99 intensity levels and 17 TENS modes where owners can easily use independently or together using the included remote control and best of all, it already includes 2 sets of electrode pads so you can start using the device immediately.

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