The Natural Resistance Air Fan Trainer – increases resistance naturally the faster you pedal

The Natural Resistance Air Fan Trainer —[SOURCE]— is a uniquely designed exercise bike that uses air resistance partnered with tension knob instead of magnets or frictions found on lesser models to provide the user natural yet effective training.

This trainer is equipped with 17 inches in diameter fan capable of spinning relative to the speed and force applied to the user’s pedaling, it even includes a multi-grip padded handlebars so users can easily move forward and backward comfortably just like those elliptical trainers out there.

The Natural Resistance Air Fan Trainer

The Natural Resistance Air Fan Trainer

This air fan trainer has a digital monitor powered by triple-a batteries capable of displaying calories burned, distance, speed and even the time.

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The Natural Resistance Air Fan Trainer 1

The Natural Resistance Air Fan Trainer is capable of supporting users up to 250lbs. thanks to its steel frame construction system partnered with adjustable seat, performing your favorite exercises comfortably at home and best of all, it already comes with a built-in wheels so you can transport it easily around. Weighs only 71lbs.

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