The UV-C Sanitizing Alarm Clock – UV-C sanitizer with an alarm clock and Bluetooth speaker

The UV-C Sanitizing Alarm Clock (currently taking orders here) is not just capable of sanitizing most of your important gadgets but at the same time your perfect device because it also includes an alarm clock and speaker so while you are eliminating germs from small essentials, you can also play music or even monitor the time.

Thanks to this uniquely designed Alarm Clock equipped with UV-C LEDs capable of killing 99 percent of surface bacteria in just a matter of minutes enough to clean your smartphone, watches, eyeglasses, jewelries and a lot more all at the same time.

UV-C Sanitizing Alarm Clock

This UV-C sanitizer is also equipped with a large display partnered with brightness settings, auto dimmer, alarm and even snooze function while its included Bluetooth speaker will allow you to stream you latest collection of music, podcasts or even use it to wake you up to audio from a paired gadget.

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UV-C Sanitizing Alarm Clock1

The UV-C Sanitizing Alarm Clock also features an internal port for USB devices perfect for sanitizing and at the same time charging them as they are sanitized and an external USB port so you can also recharge another device simultaneously without any problem. Weighs only 2.5lbs and only measures 3.5x9x5 inches in height, width and diameter.

You can buy the UV-C sanitizer with alarm clock and Bluetooth speaker for only $199.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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