The Low Impact Cardio Climber – provides a low-impact cardio workout for both the upper and lower body

The Low Impact Cardio Climber (currently taking orders here) is your perfect answer if you want to tone your chest, shoulders, arms and back muscles at home. How?

This climber works simply by holding right at the climber’s handlebars and then pulling each alternately just like climbing a wall, a perfect low impact cardio workout for upper body parts.

Low Impact Cardio Climber

Besides targeting the upper body, owners can also workout on their legs because it forces the users to lift their legs every time they push the included handlebars, a perfect combination for building muscles in the users thigh and even on their calves of course without worrying about stressing the leg joints.

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Low Impact Cardio Climber1

The Low Impact Cardio Climber already comes with 8 different levels of resistance plus it even comes with a phone holder, a pedal complete with foot straps while its included LCD screen allows the user to keep track of their workout time, speed, distance and more and best of all, it is made with steel frame capable of supporting users up to 250lbs. Weighs only 80lbs and only measures 92x43x31.5 inches in height, width and diameter respectively.

You can buy the climber for low-impact workout for only $699.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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