The Ultrasonic Skin Lotion Optimizer – Absorbs facial creams and lotions effectively to enhance delivery of ingredients to skin

The Ultrasonic Skin Lotion Optimizer —[SOURCE]— is a uniquely designed facial wand capable of maximizing the absorption of your favorite lotion and cream so it can deliver perfect ingredients straight to your skin without any problem.

Thanks to its ultrasonic vibration function partnered with heat and cold therapy, this lotion optimizer even utilizes unique technology just to enhance the delivery of cream and lotion ingredients to your skin perfect for stimulating metabolism and collagen production to give you younger looking skin every time.

The Ultrasonic Skin Lotion Optimizer

The Ultrasonic Skin Lotion Optimizer

Besides penetrating deep into the skin epidermis using low frequency and high speed vibrations, this skin lotion optimizer even includes 3 heat settings designed to help open pores and increase blood circulation and 3 cold settings designed to close pores, help lessen fine lines and wrinkles and to tighten skin.

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The Ultrasonic Skin Lotion Optimizer 1

Heat and Cold settings can be used independently or in conjunction with 3 different levels of ultrasonic vibration and best of all, it already includes a charging cable, cleaning cloth and only requires 2.5 minutes of treatment to see best results. Weighs only 6oz.

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