The Therapist’s Myofascial Massager – A handheld massager that kneads out painful knots in the myofascial tissues

The Therapist’s Myofascial Massager —[SOURCE]— is a uniquely designed handheld massager capable of kneading out aching knots rooted in the myofascial tissues, thanks to its different treatment modes, getting rid of painful knots is now possible at home.

This Myofascial Massager is very easy and safe to use, it can even be used on most of the owner’s body part like the neck, arms, glutes, back, shoulder and more.

The Therapist's Myofascial Massager

The Therapist’s Myofascial Massager

The massager has 2 bonnet covers designed for treatment directly on the user’s skin or over-clothing treatment without using lotion.

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The Therapist's Myofascial Massager 1

The Therapist’s Myofascial Massager can be used twice per day for up to 10min of treatment, simply plug the massager and you’re good to go. Measures 9x7x7 inches in length, width and height and only weighs 4 1/4lbs.

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