The Thinning Hair Boar Bristle Brush – a natural boar bristle hairbrush that is gentler on thinning hair

Looking for a gentle and high quality English brush for your long hair? How about hair brush for your losing or thinning hair? Get the Thinning Hair Boar Bristle Brush —[SOURCE]—, a high quality, English hairbrush equipped with natural boar bristle so you’ll have a more gentler hair brushing specially on your thinning hair.

This hairbrush is unique because it is very gentle on scalp and can perfectly arrange fine and thinning hair to make your hair look at its very best without any fuss, thanks to its soft bristles that glides gently thru fine hair, now you don’t have to worry about pulling your hair every time you brush them.

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The Thinning Hair Boar Bristle Brush

Thinning Hair Boar Bristle Brush

Made by popular brush maker Kent and Sons, this brush is unique because it is manufactured using 10 step process plus it only uses only the finest natural boar bristle so you can be sure that it will provide gentle hair brushing every time.

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The Thinning Hair Boar Bristle Brush 1

The Thinning Hair Boar Bristle Brush is uniquely assembled to make sure the bristles are secured in its rubber cushion and best of all, it has a flat oval head design to make it look just life your favorite hair brush but with unique function. Comes with brush cleaner and only weighs 1lb.

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