The Phototherapy Hairbrush – leaves hair fuller and healthier-looking

The Phototherapy Hairbrush [SOURCE] is designed to help stimulate hair follicles so owners can have a fuller and healthier-looking hair every time.

Thanks to the hairbrush’s laser therapy partnered with LED lights capable of boosting circulation on the owner’s scalp, regaining back a healthier-looking and fuller hair is now possible.

The Phototherapy Hairbrush

The Phototherapy Hairbrush

This hairbrush is also effective in treating hair loss, thanks to its included 9 laser and 6 LED lights stimulating and helping hair acquire more oxygen and nutrients specially for men and women who wants to treat their hair loss problem is now possible and more effective.

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The Phototherapy Hairbrush 1

The Phototherapy hairbrush is recommended for use in 3 weekly sessions of 15min. to see results in just a matter of 8 weeks and best of all, it already includes 26 comfortable bristles that can easily be removed for cleaning purposes while its wireless design will allow the owner to conveniently use the device without worrying about tangling cord.

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