The Temperature Regulating Adjustable Bed Wedge – A sloped bed wedge designed to help get rid of heartburn, sinus congestion and snoring

You want to get rid of your heartburn? How about snoring or even sinus congestion so you can get the good night sleep? Use the Temperature Regulating Adjustable Bed Wedge —[SOURCE]—, a uniquely designed sloped bed wedge equipped with cooling fabric so you’ll get relief from those problems fast.

This bed wedge works simply by gently elevating the owner’s head and shoulders, enough to help get rid of unwanted positions which can lead to acid reflux and other problems.

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Temperature Regulating Adjustable Bed Wedge

Besides draining your passages, the included cooling fabric also disperses heat from the sleeper’s body designed to improve and regulate body temperature, the perfect option used to find a better night sleep every time.

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The Adjustable Bed Wedge is made in the United States, measures only 28x24x10 inches in length, width and diameter. If you have full size bed, then you can place 2 wedge side by side.

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