The Sleep Improving Pillow Wedge – raises the upper body for relief from heartburn, sinus congestion, and snoring

The Sleep Improving Pillow Wedge [SOURCE] is perfect if you are looking for an effective pillow design to help ease your heartburn, snoring and even sinus congestion problem simply by gently slanting the pillow in an inclined position raising the upper body to avoid positions which can hash out to acid reflux.

The Sleep Improving Pillow Wedge

The Sleep Improving Pillow Wedge

This gently elevated pillow is design not just to avoid acid reflux but also other digestive problems plus it even allows the gravity to slowly but effectively drain sinus passages, thanks to the pillow’s different layers of medically grade foam partnered with anti-microbial cover so you don’t have to worry about zipping off for washing.

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The Sleep Improving Pillow Wedge can be used for a twin bed, or use 2 pillow placed side by side on full sized or even king sized beds you may have.

This imported pillow only weighs 2lbs. and measures only 5x26x32 inches in height, width and length.

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