The Standing Assist Knee Braces – A spring-loaded knee braces that can provide assisted lift from a chair or during exercise

Need assistance during your exercises because you have problem on your knees and need something that can support you every time you stand up? Use the Standing Assist Knee Braces, a uniquely designed knee braces equipped with spring integrated into the braces to help you lift yourself from standing from a chair and even during your workout.

This pair of knee braces is made with durable yet very light aluminum alloy springs partnered with hook and loop straps so owners can easily secure the braces to the problematic knees without any problem.

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Standing Assist Knee Braces

Standing Assist Knee Braces

These knee braces can provide up to 88lbs of assisted lifting power and can be used specially when you are working, exercising, squatting and a lot more and need assistance because your knees, thighs and even your calves can’t handle it easier already.

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Standing Assist Knee Braces 1

The Standing Assist Knee Braces has an adjustable level of strength function so owners can perfectly find the correct assistance needed when working, exercising and even just a plain standing assistance and best of all, it can be worn under your favorite clothing of course without worrying about restricting your range of motion.

You can buy the knee braces for $49.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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