The Whitening And Brushing Mouthpiece – whitens and brushes your teeth at the same time

Need an effective toothbrush that can whiten your teeth while brushing them? Use the Whitening And Brushing Mouthpiece, a uniquely designed mouthpiece capable of whitening and brushing your teeth all at the same time.

This unique mouthpiece fits nicely and comfortably to the owner’s mouth just like a standard whitening tray, and because it already includes a built-in blue light designed to kill bad bacteria partnered with unique scrubbers designed to clean the gums and teeth, getting back that perfect smile again will not be a problem.

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Whitening And Brushing Mouthpiece

Whitening And Brushing Mouthpiece

Daily use for up to 10 days will provide the best result, thanks to the mouth piece and sonic bristles that uniquely vibrates, getting that recommended teeth cleaning for a more healthier gum and teeth is now possible.

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Whitening And Brushing Mouthpiece 1

This Teeth Whitening Mouthpiece already comes with a foaming toothpaste that are safe to use on anyone with dentures, braces, implants and even crowns.

You can buy the mouthpiece for only $119.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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