The Space Saving Water Rower – A water rower capable of providing full body workout

You want to workout your full body but doesn’t have time to go to your favorite gym? Get the Space Saving Water Rower —[SOURCE]—, a uniquely designed water rower capable of providing the owner with full upper body workout at home.

This water rower only takes 25 percent less space compared to other units in the market yet will provide the user constant water resistance specially during each stroke, thanks to its uniquely designed flywheel that operates uniquely against water, providing the perfect resistance every time will not be a problem.

The Space Saving Water Rower

The Space Saving Water Rower

This water rower already comes with an LCD display capable of previewing the time, calories, stroke and distance count, it even comes with a textured footplates partnered with padded handles and wheels for a more comfortable workout anytime.

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The Space Saving Water Rower 1

The Space Saving Water Rower uses steel frame and has molded seat capable of supporting up to 300lbs and best of all, it only weighs 75lbs and only measures 63×37.5×20 inches in length, width and diameter.

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