The Folding Sculling Machine – strengthens your arms, shoulders and back while the push-off engages your legs and glutes

The Folding Sculling Machine —[SOURCE]— is a uniquely designed rowing machine capable of simulating the perfect rowing motion that anyone can experience while at the same time build the strength you need for your arms, shoulders and back.

This rowing machine allows the owner to take full and even wide strokes enough to provide strength on your upper body while its push-off engages the owner to have a perfect legs and glutes exercises.

Folding Sculling Machine

The Folding Sculling Machine

This sculling machine is equipped with 10 resistance levels and has padded handlebars partnered with molded seat and pivoting foot plates to inspire the user to have a very smooth stroking motion every time.

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The Folding Sculling Machine 1

The Folding Sculling Machine also comes with digital monitor where owners can easily track its workout duration, calories burned, pace and it even comes with a tablet holder so you can follow your favorite program and best of all, it only takes little space so after your workout, you can easily fold the rowing machine for easy storage. Weighs only 34lbs.

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