The Snore Reducing Smart Pillow – A smart pillow that detects snoring and responds with gentle vibration

The Snore Reducing Smart Pillow [SOURCE] is not just design to detect snoring but also unique because it responds quickly with some soft vibration to allow the sleeper to change its sleeping position of course without waking them up.

The smart pillow works by tracking someone’s sleep data which includes the user’s tossing, turning and the level of snores. When paired with its included free application for Android and Apple, users can easily choose the volume level at which the snores should be disrupted with a buzz, the user even allowed to check and change any settings specially if their movement and sleep cycle does not respond appropriately.

The Snore Reducing Smart Pillow

The Snore Reducing Smart Pillow

This snore reducing pillow is completely cushioned using flush foam filling so you don’t have to worry about its technological components, they are fully undetectable under the head.

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The Snore Reducing Smart Pillow works quietly that only the user feels its vibration and best of all, its included rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 straight nights of use. Weighs 12lbs. and measures only 26x19x8 inches in length, height and diameter respectively.

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