The Slouch Preventing Trainer – A biofeedback device that alerts users if it senses poor posture

The Slouch Preventing Trainer —[SOURCE]— is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their posture, thanks to the biofeedback’s unique design partnered with unique auto sensing technology capable of alerting the user if it senses poor posture.

This biofeedback device is very easy to use, simply attach the trainer between your shoulder and neck to start receiving alerts specially if you slouch.

The Slouch Preventing Trainer

The Slouch Preventing Trainer

This biofeedback device works simply by monitoring the user’s upper trapezius and when it detects strain in the user’s muscles because of slouching or slumping, it then vibrates automatically in order to remind the wearer to sit or even stand up straighter.

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The Slouch Preventing Trainer 1

The Slouch Preventing Trainer already comes with a free application for Android and iOS devices and can be paired easily so owners can start tallying and tracking of good posture progress and best of all, it already comes with 3 adhesive pads, charging cable and carrying case so you can bring it anywhere you go. Weighs only 4oz.

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