The Shower Foot Scrubber – Now you can enjoy spa-style foot treatment in your shower without bending

The Shower Foot Scrubber [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to delivering a spa style treatment of your aching feet right when you take a shower but also unique because it allows the owner to get rid of foot’s rough and dry skin without bending or even balancing unstably on one foot.

The Shower Foot Scrubber

Shower Foot Scrubber

This foot scrubber uses unique suction cup right at the scrubbers bottom that sticks securely to your existing floor, you can even position it right at the side of a bathtub for a more comfortable foot scrubbing session.

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The Shower Foot Scrubber 1

With shower foot scrubber, simply wipe your foot across the brush’s surface in forward and backward timing, do some massaging between toes and you’re good to go.

The Shower Foot Scrubber even includes a stingray-shaped plastic pad so owners can securely position one foot while the other foot is in scrubbing motion and best of all, it already includes a rejuvenating gel so you’ll have a clean, soft and supple feet every time.

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