The Shock Absorbing Insoles – with shock absorbing layers that provide additional cushion and support

The Shock Absorbing Insoles are perfect for anyone who wants to add some extra layer of cushion and support to their favorite shoes.

Perfect for walking and even for exercising, these insoles are very light and are capable of providing the perfect cushioning system in the user’s heel and even in the forefoot, thanks to the insoles perfectly made molded latex, getting that additional support for your problematic heel and forefoot will not be a problem.

Shock Absorbing Insoles

These insoles are unique because it is designed to help maintain contact with the foot’s surface, it even flexes as the user moves perfect for lessening any pressure points.

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Shock Absorbing Insoles1

The Shock Absorbing Insoles even feature an antibacterial cover that are also breathable to help owners in keeping their feet cool every time without worrying about bad odors and best of all, they’re trimmed for superior fit even on one’s favorite athletic or casual shoes.

You can buy these insoles with shock absorbing layers for only $39.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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