The Weighted Sleep Improving Mask – helps you fall asleep quickly and slumber more soundly

The Weighted Sleep Improving Mask is unique when it comes to helping you sleep and slumber quickly and comfortably, thanks to the mask’s non toxic micro plastic beads, helping the mask wearer to sleep quickly and soundly is now possible every time.

This weighted sleep mask is unique because it produces perfect stimulation capable of improving the owner’s level of serotonin and melatonin, creating that perfect sense of calm without any problem.

Weighted Sleep Improving Mask

The mask uses a unique shape designed to help contour to the wearer’s face and applying gentle and even pressure so they always feel secure and stress free every time.

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Weighted Sleep Improving Mask1

This Sleep Improving Mask is strapless and best of all, it is designed to block out 100 percent of light even when worn in any sleep position plus it can also be cooled in a freezer because it has a jersey cotton and warm microfiber on each side. Weighs only 10oz.

You can buy the sleep improving mask for only $39.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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