The Sherwood Forest Yew Shaving Set – the handcrafted and made in England with wood from Sherwood Forest

The Sherwood Forest Yew Shaving Set is a uniquely designed shaving set perfect for any men who wants to have their very own personal shaving system capable of providing them a clean shaving appearance every time at home or anywhere and any time.

Thanks to its included shaving razor equipped with a double-edge razor system where owners can easily glide smoothly over their face, neck and even their chin without worrying about irritation every time.

Sherwood Forest Yew Shaving Set

The included brush on the other hand is unique because it is made from English Yew it even comes with a bristle made with badger hair so users can easily use it into a dense and creamy foam.

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Sherwood Forest Yew Shaving Set1

The Sherwood Forest Yew Shaving Set already comes with a metal stand and is chrome plated nicely so shaving unwanted hair will not be a problem.

You can buy the shaving set for only $199.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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