The Ultrasonic Eyeglasses Cleaner – cleans a pair of eyeglasses in three minutes using ultrasonic vibrations

The Ultrasonic Eyeglasses Cleaner is unique when it comes to removing dirt from your eyeglasses simply because it uses ultrasonic vibrations to make your eyeglasses back to its perfect clean and ready to use in just a matter of minutes.

This eyeglasses cleaner already comes with a tank capable of accepting up to 600ml solution and can operate at 50khz because it uses ultrasonic vibrations designed to eliminate eyeglasses dirt.

Ultrasonic Eyeglasses Cleaner

The Ultrasonic Eyeglasses Cleaner

This pair of eyeglasses cleaner also features a 3min auto timer function so owners can easily use it by adding a solution to the tank, putting in the eyeglasses and set the timer for that easy to clean and dirt free glasses every time.

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Ultrasonic Eyeglasses Cleaner1

This Eyeglasses Cleaner already includes an AC adapter and only measures 9x3x2 inches in length, width and diameter.

You can buy the eyeglasses cleaner for only $79.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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