The Reader’s Brightness Zooming Bed Lamp – enables one to power the scope on their side from a spotlight to floodlight without disturbing a sleeping partner

The Reader’s Brightness Zooming Bed Lamp (available here) is perfect because besides providing a dual head so owners can easily provide a perfect light of course without worrying about disturbing someone especially your sleeping partner.

Thanks to this uniquely designed bed lamp that can be easily mounted onto the wall to enable one to uniquely power the scope in order to enjoy from a spotlight to floodlight just on their side and because it has LEDs that can independently controlled, widening or even narrowing the light of the lampshade will not be a problem.

Brightness Zooming Bed Lamp

The Reader’s Brightness Zooming Bed Lamp

Enough to provide a perfect fine illumination while reading or illuminating craft details, this bed lamp is capable of providing an optimal light for reading before bedtime of course without hindering their partner’s slumber, thanks to the lampshades uniquely designed light that slides easily partnered with a 14inch gooseneck so owners can also lower, raise or even twist the light without any problem.

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Brightness Zooming Bed Lamp1

The Reader’s Brightness Zooming Bed Lamp is perfect because it has an included LEDs capable of casting bright and focused glow just like those reading lights found at the airplane’s overhead and best of all, it already includes a 6 feet long adapter. Weighs only 1 3/4lbs and only measures 3x37x3 inches in height, length and diameter respectively.

You can buy this wall-mounted bed light with dual heads for only $179.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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