The Posture Correcting Neuroband Shirt – clinically proven to promote good posture as well as relieve pain in the back and shoulders

The Posture Correcting Neuroband Shirt >>>[SOURCE]<<< is a clinically proven fitted shirt designed to help promote good posture and pain relief specially for those who are suffering from back and shoulder pain.

Equipped with anatomical construction partnered with neuroband tension panels capable of activating and stimulating muscle groups perfect in keeping the wearer’s body upright every time so as to increase core strength while providing a perfect support on the owner’s spine.

The Posture Correcting Neuroband Shirt

The Posture Correcting Neuroband Shirt

This fitted shirt is also designed to be worn to prevent injury, hasten healing, lessen wear and tear specially on the wearer’s sensitive joints plus it even enhanced the range of motion in order to boost the owner’s performance specially during workouts and other day to day activities.

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The Posture Correcting Neuroband Shirt 1

The Posture Correcting Neuroband Shirt uses moisture wicking fabric partnered with anti-microbial protection to keep the wearer’s skin cool and dry every time. Simply select the best size and you’re good to go.

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